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Why Isn’t Everyone Implementing Missed Fortune

by Admin

I’ve worked in the mortgage industry as a loan officer since 1997 and have had a unique opportunity to see in vivid detail how my clients manage their credit and their finances.

In 2004 one of my co-workers handed me a book called, “Missed Fortune”. I knew I would have some time to kill on my trip going down and back to Dallas for the weekend, so I took it with me. What I didn’t know was that the ideas and concepts contained in those pages would enlighten my mind and change my focus on how to best plan for the future and my eventual retirement.

Although I wasn’t affiliated with Missed Fortune in any way, I immediately started sharing the principles I learned in that book with my clients. The principle that often seemed the most out of context, but then made the most sense, was the idea that equity in one’s home earns a zero percent rate of return. That spoke to a lot of my clients because many of them had several hundred thousand dollars locked up in their home. That was dormant and not earning them a single penny in interest for them.

From early 2008 through the end of 2009 I was the preferred lender with another large financial planning firm. Even though the planners I worked with were aware of the principles taught in “Missed Fortune”, none of them used that knowledge to help their clients. They said the process involved in implementing it was far too complicated for them to worry about doing it. Instead, they wanted to direct their clients into products that paid them a higher commission quicker and that would also allow them to make another commission on their clients in the future. These were all people that I liked and really enjoyed working with, but I was so baffled by their approach in ‘helping their clients’ that I eventually moved out of their office.

In 2010 I was hired by my mortgage company, Essex Mortgage, to work with the Financial Strategists at Missed Fortune. I couldn’t have been more excited to work with them since I was already a disciple of the principles that they teach their clients. I have since spent over 150 hours in training with Doug Andrew as part of my responsibilities in working with their clients. The more I understand the concepts that Doug shares, the more committed I am to using those to improve my life and the lives of every client that I work with.

Marcus Kent Maxfield
Essex Mortgage

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