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The Missed Fortune Strategies are Life-Changing

by Admin
Missed Fortune is Life Changing

I’m in my 5th year working with Doug Andrew and the Missed Fortune team.  When I first learned about the concepts, I have to admit I was very curious to know if they really worked the way they were presented.  I dug in and started thoroughly researching the concepts.  As with any great idea in history, there are many that try to tear it down – those who stand to lose to a superior idea that they simply cannot offer and do not understand.  The criticisms lobbied against Missed Fortune were always ill-informed; taking points out of context and trying to construct some kind of convincing attack without an actual logical and thoughtful approach.

The truth is, what I found was this:  the Missed Fortune strategies are life changing.  Imagine a system that can grow tax-free, be accessed tax-free (guesses on future tax rates, anyone?), has guarantees built in to protect against market volatility but allows participation in market growth, and is all housed in an industry with incredibly high safety ratings.  There is absolutely no comparison.

As you really dig in, meet with your Missed Fortune strategist and put in the effort that’s required to understand the concepts.  You’ll be rewarded beyond belief.  Let the cookie cutter financial planners keep doing what they’ve always done, and they’ll keep getting what they’ve always gotten.  You’ll be in the fast lane with the wind at your back, and an outlook as bright as the sun.

Greg Duckwitz
Wealth Stategist

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