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Recent Reviews

The “Positive Future” for Us is Possible! – Review #116

“I would definitely recommend the Clarity Retreat to others. I was very unaware of the negative ramifications down the road we were currently on. The read more

The Clarity Retreat Opened My Mind – Review # 115

“This Clarity Retreat opened my mind to new visions of the potential for greater opportunities.”

Roger R.

Missed Fortune Clarity Retreat read more

This Seminar Saved My Retirement – Review #114

“This seminar may just have saved my retirement. We lost significantly in the real estate collapse, so the safety of this alternative is simply read more

How to Overcome Financial Barriers – Review # 113

“The presenter kept good contact with the audience. He was clear and appeared knowledgeable about the subject. The subject of the matter is very read more

Develop a Wholesome Value System – Review # 112

“Doug passes on his knowledge and wisdom without looking like a rock star. He doesn’t want to be a rock star. He is a humble person who wants to read more

I Highly Recommend This Seminar – Review # 111

“The information presented in the seminar was eye opening material that I had not previously heard. It gave me hope that my retirement could be read more

The Event, by Leaps and Bounds, Exceeded My Expectations – Review # 110

“The event, by leaps and bounds, exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly greeted by the staff and by Mr. Andrew as well. The presentation was read more

I Enjoyed the Direct Approach of Relevant Information – Review # 109

“I enjoyed the direct approach of delivering relevant information. I found the presentation interesting and something I look forward to learning read more

When I Feel I Can Trust Someone I am Able to Learn – Review # 108

“After reading many books for success and listening to a myriad of different financial advisors I have become frustrated because the things they read more

Concepts of Money You Have Never Heard Of – Review # 107

“This seminar is a good overview of the concepts of money that you have never heard of. Anyone interested in improving their financial situation read more

It Makes Absolute Sense – Review # 106

“This event was completely eye opening! It was nonstop information that I wish everyone could hear. And the way Doug Andrew presents it makes read more

He is a Master at Creating the Vision – Review # 105

“Doug presents the information in an informative and interesting why that keeps you focused and entertained. He is a master at creating the read more

We Whole-Heartedly Recommend Mr. Andrew to All Our Friends – Review # 104

“We were completely blown away by the concepts Doug shared. His presentation was professional and the financial principles shared were eye-opening read more

Mr. Andrew Gave Me the Information I Need to Help Me Decide What to do with My Assets – Review #103

“The introductory presentation was very well presented by Mr. Andrew and gave me the information I needed to help me decide what to do with my read more

It is an Eye-Opener – Review #102

“We would recommend this seminar to others, it is an eye-opener. The information was good, presented in an orderly manner. The presenter was good read more

Doug Was Able to Cover a Miriad of Topics – Review # 101

“The Doug Andrew presentation was outstanding. Though fast paced, Doug was able to skillfully cover a miriad of topics in a flowing and concise way read more

Unbelievable Presentation!!! – Review #100

“Unbelievable presentation!!! Info comes to you out of a fire hose, come prepared… They have material available, that lets you drink it in at a read more

I Thought Doug Was Good on the Radio, But He is Better in Person – Review #99

“I thought Doug Andrew was good on the radio but he is better in person. I especially appreciated how he covered non financial assets such as read more

The Seminar Has Opened My Eyes – Review #98

“The seminar I attended has opened my eyes to a wealth of information and way of thinking I never knew before. Ideas, dreams, and goals that have read more

This Event Was Exceptional – Review #97

“This event was exceptional…This will have an impact on my personal life, and on my financial future and security, enhancing my peace of mind. read more

Great Insight Into Tax Relief Vehicles – Review #96

“Great insight into tax relief vehicles that I would have never known existed! Overall, very informative and worth anyone’s time.”

Quality of read more

It Has A History of Success – Review #95

“This seminar was great and I would recommend it to anyone looking to increase their retirement income. Information was presented that was new to read more

This Presentation Is Truly an Eye Opening Experience – Review #94

“This presentation is truly an eye opening experience, which will expose the participant to material and thought processes previously unknown. This read more

The Missed Fortune Seminar Made Us Look At Our Financial Decisions In a Whole New Light – Review #92

“The seminar on Missed Fortunes made us look at our financial decisions in a whole new light; with a whole new purpose to meet our needs and exceed read more

I Really Wish That I Learned This Many Years Ago – Review #91

“I really wish that I learned all of this many years ago. I will see to it that my children will not make the mistakes that I did, this was so good! read more