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Missed Fortune Could Dramatically Impact My Finances

by Admin

Driving my car one Saturday night in March 2011, I caught just a snippet of Doug Andrew’s radio program.  I quickly jotted down the phone number, called it as soon as I arrived home and registered for the 90-minute webinar.  After listening to the webinar the following Tuesday, I discovered there was going to be a live 3-1/2 hour seminar the next week and a Clarity Retreat the weekend after that, both of which I attended.  Almost immediately, it became apparent to me not only that the Missed Fortune strategies had the potential to dramatically impact my finances, but that there was a greater cause here that I could full-heartedly support and promote, i.e., the concepts of Quadrant Living and the Family Empowered Bank.   These were concepts about which I was passionate, something that I realized was missing at the time in my line of work.   In other words, I quickly determined that I wanted to be involved on a deeper level that just as a client.

It took awhile, but working with Emron and Aaron, I was able to create a niche for myself within Missed Fortune as a personal assistant, an intermediary step to becoming a full-time wealth strategy advisor.  I’m very excited about the opportunity to positively impact the lives of those we work with by assisting them to maximize ALL of their assets—their Core (Human), Intellectual (Wisdom), and Civic (Contribution) assets, as well as those Financial.  The exciting thing is that these strategies work.  Having lost 30-50+% in my investments multiple times in the past, I’ve said for years, “If I could just cut out the big losses, I wouldn’t care that I made no gains those years—I would be so much further ahead.”  That’s exactly what Missed Fortune offers!  It’s a pleasure to come to work each day, being part of a TEAM with such a positive focus, and feeling like I’m contributing to helping our clients realize those goals and aspirations most important to them.  I look forward to a long and satisfying career with Missed Fortune, helping to empower our clients with direction and confidence in meeting their needs.

Terry Seeley

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