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Economic Principles That Will Last

by Admin
Missed Fortune Piece of the Puzzle

While attending one of my finance classes in college, I heard my college professor try to explain various financial products to me and none of them made any sense.  I determined that I was going to search for myself and find out what the true economic principles are.  I grew up with insurance, my dad was a P&C agent with Allstate for 30 years and I worked for him from the time I was 16 until I graduated from college.  I spent time working for a law firm to understand the legal system and to learn how to read and write contracts.  I spent time working as a tax accountant for a multi-billion dollar company to understand the tax consequences of various investment decisions.  I also spent time as an underwriter for a bank so I could understand credit.  In between all of this experience I read as many books as I could get my hands on about finance.  I’ve read Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman, Security Analysis by Graham and Dodd, etc.  I learned so much, but I still was missing something.  I knew the why but not the how.

When I came through a Missed Fortune seminar last year, I went in thinking that it would be another dead end, but I came away from the experience with the piece of the puzzle I had been missing for so many years.  I was completely blown away.  This process truly adheres to true economic principles and will survive the test of time.

Andrea Dover
Wealth Strategist

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