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Doug Was Able to Cover a Miriad of Topics – Review # 101

by Admin

“The Doug Andrew presentation was outstanding. Though fast paced, Doug was able to skillfully cover a miriad of topics in a flowing and concise way that was easy to follow and understand. His passion for the topic and the caring he showed to those attending was very evident. I left with a broad knowledge of the possibilities for living an Abundant Life and having the financial means to live ‘the dream’ instead of settling for mediocrity. I would recommend this to everyone who is really concerned that their retirement is in jeopardy and their hard-earned money stashed away might be lost. He explained the mechanics of how to move your money to a safe vehicle and let the money work to make more money, instead of settling for the normal and loosing thousands off dollars of potential compound interest.”

Quality of Presentation : 10
Information is Relevant : 10
Event Met your Expectations : 10

Alta B.
Missed Fortune Seminar

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