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Professional Presentation – Review #28

“This is a well developed professional presentation presented by experienced presenters.”

Quality of Presentation : 8

Gary P.
Missed Fortune read more

“If I Would Have Known Of These Techniques Prior to 2008…” – Review #27

“I would highly recommend the financial education presented by Doug Andrew and his team at Missed Fortune. If I would have known of these techniques read more

“The Missed Fortune Presentation Was First Rate” – Review #26

“I would recommend this event to anyone who is seeking to improve their financial well being. The presentation was first rate. The presenters were read more

“This Was An Atypical Money Presentation” – Review #25

“This was an atypical money presentation….filled with purpose and values for a happy life. Their philosophy resonated with mine: that managing and read more

“We would TOTALLY Recommend This Event” – Review #24

“We would TOTALLY recommend this event to others, because it will change the way you think, not only about finances, but about what matters to you! read more

“The Missed Fortune Presentation Was Exceptional” – Review #16

“The presentation was exceptional.  I have been trying to figure out how to pass on my wealth to my posterity without losing it. This seminar helped me read more

“Best Lessons Learned Were About Life – Missed Fortune Review #12

“Although the Missed Fortune seminar is financial, many of the best lessons learned were about life and had little to do with the financial aspects read more

“I would highly recommend this event” – Review #11

“I would highly recommend this event.  I will be sending my children and am recommending to several friends that they all attend. The event is not read more

“WE are so grateful to you” – Review #8

“The ideas presented by Doug have radically changed my thinking., He taught my husband and I HOW to do SOMETHING. Doug’s teachings have changed by read more

“Solid Ideas On How To Increase My Financial Security” – Review #7

A masterful presentation! Clear, relevant and thought provoking. I gained many new insights and solid ideas on how to increase my financial security read more

“I am so glad I attended” – Review #6

“This was a very insightful seminar. I am so glad I attended. I have always wanted to know how to get money to work for me. ”

Joel R. read more

“You Should Attend This Free Seminar” – Review #5

“This seminar was much more than I expected. If you are concerned about better managing your assets, and even your life, you should attend this free read more

“I Recommend This Event” – Review #4

“I recommend this event to anyone who wants to be secure. This event taught me straight from the source about investments in our own tax code that I read more

“It Was Well Worth My Time” – Review #3

“The seminar was interesting and understandable. The hours went by quickly and left me with the desire to know more. It was well worth my time. I am read more

“I Highly Recommend Missed Fortune” – Review #2

“I was raised by parents who hold on to the “days work for a dollars wage” mentality. I knew that was not how the wealthy or even the well-to-do read more

“Powerful Presentation” – Review #1

“Doug has the ability to give a powerful presentation. I have learned many things on how encouraging and teaching your kids tools to succeed instead read more