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We left Excited and Ready to Learn More! – Review # 121

“We enjoyed the seminar, it was very informative. We left excited and ready to learn more!”

Quality of Presentation : 10
Information is Relevant read more

The Seminar Opened Our Eyes to New Opportunity – Review # 119

“The seminar opened our eyes to new opportunities and techniques for preparing for the future. We also liked that it was about more than just read more

How to Overcome Financial Barriers – Review # 113

“The presenter kept good contact with the audience. He was clear and appeared knowledgeable about the subject. The subject of the matter is very read more

I Highly Recommend This Seminar – Review # 111

“The information presented in the seminar was eye opening material that I had not previously heard. It gave me hope that my retirement could be read more

When I Feel I Can Trust Someone I am Able to Learn – Review # 108

“After reading many books for success and listening to a myriad of different financial advisors I have become frustrated because the things they read more

He is a Master at Creating the Vision – Review # 105

“Doug presents the information in an informative and interesting why that keeps you focused and entertained. He is a master at creating the read more

We Whole-Heartedly Recommend Mr. Andrew to All Our Friends – Review # 104

“We were completely blown away by the concepts Doug shared. His presentation was professional and the financial principles shared were eye-opening read more

Unbelievable Presentation!!! – Review #100

“Unbelievable presentation!!! Info comes to you out of a fire hose, come prepared… They have material available, that lets you drink it in at a read more

The Seminar Has Opened My Eyes – Review #98

“The seminar I attended has opened my eyes to a wealth of information and way of thinking I never knew before. Ideas, dreams, and goals that have read more

I Really Wish That I Learned This Many Years Ago – Review #91

“I really wish that I learned all of this many years ago. I will see to it that my children will not make the mistakes that I did, this was so good! read more

I would Recommend Missed Fortune to Anyone That Is Concerned About Their Course of Action – Review # 88

“I would recommend Missed Fortune to anyone that is concerned about their course of action. So they can use Missed Fortune resources to greatly read more

I Have Never Heard This Information Before! – Review # 83

“I was greatly surprised and very pleased by the content of the seminar. I have never heard of this information before! It really opened my eyes! read more

How They Make Their Money Work For Them – Review # 76

“It was like being let in on the insider meetings of the rich and powerful. Hearing how they make their money work for them.”

Quality of read more

Doug’s Passion is Awe-Inspiring – Review # 75

“The presentation was amazing, Doug’s passion to help people affirm their future is awe-inspiring. I especially appreciate his ‘A+’ personality that read more

We’re Excited To Get Started – Review # 72

“I’m grateful my husband and I learned about these strategies as a young couple starting out in life. We’re excited to get started on these read more

We Were Able To Borrow On That Policy – Review # 69

In 1963 we began an insurance with NYL. Ten years later we had a financial crunch and were able to borrow on that policy.

In the 80′s we sold our read more

Bring a Bucket – Review # 67

It truly was information that included not just financial matters, but a lifestyle as well. Be sure to bring a bucket – not a thimble.

Quality of read more

It Will Inspire, Motivate, and Give You Hope – Review # 64

“I would absolutely recommend this event to anyone, no matter what stage of life you are in. It will inspire, motivate, and give you read more

Why Isn’t Everyone Implementing Missed Fortune

I’ve worked in the mortgage industry as a loan officer since 1997 and have had a unique opportunity to see in vivid detail how my clients manage read more