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A Comfortable Retirement – Review # 117

“I am looking forward to planning our retirement being very comfortable and secure in our older years. We also want our children to thrive read more

The Clarity Retreat Opened My Mind – Review # 115

“This Clarity Retreat opened my mind to new visions of the potential for greater opportunities.”

Roger R.

Missed Fortune Clarity Retreat read more

I Highly Recommend This Seminar – Review # 111

“The information presented in the seminar was eye opening material that I had not previously heard. It gave me hope that my retirement could be read more

The Missed Fortune Seminar Made Us Look At Our Financial Decisions In a Whole New Light – Review #92

“The seminar on Missed Fortunes made us look at our financial decisions in a whole new light; with a whole new purpose to meet our needs and exceed read more

Doug’s Presentation Was Exceptionally Comprehensive – Review # 85

“Doug’s presentation was exceptionally comprehensive with privileged and relevant information that even experts have a hard time to grasp. I’m read more

It Was a Very Low-Pressure Environment – Review # 77

“I wasn’t sure what to expect at the Missed Fortune seminar. I was pleased with the information that was given and the presenter, Doug Andrew, did a read more

We’re Excited To Get Started – Review # 72

“I’m grateful my husband and I learned about these strategies as a young couple starting out in life. We’re excited to get started on these read more

I Wish I Had Heard It 20 Years Earlier – Review # 68

This seminar totally changed the way I think about finances and preparing for retirement. I only wish I’d heard it 20 years earlier.

Quality of read more

A Secure Plan – Review # 66

Never had anyone been able to put together in one presentation a program that will secure a plan to be able to have financial freedom for my/our read more

I Dont Fear Tomorrow – Review # 55

“Yes I would definitely recommend this kind of event to anyone and everyone that it would interest and pertain to. Anyone who wants a more secure way read more

Missed Fortune Piece of the Puzzle

Economic Principles That Will Last

While attending one of my finance classes in college, I heard my college professor try to explain various financial products to me and none of them made any sense.  I determined that I was going to search for myself and find out what the true economic principles are.  I grew up with insurance, my dad was a P&C agent with Allstate for 30 years and I worked for him read more

Missed Fortune is Life Changing

The Missed Fortune Strategies are Life-Changing

I’m in my 5th year working with Doug Andrew and the Missed Fortune team.  When I first learned about the concepts, I have to admit I was very curious to know if they really worked the way they were presented.  I dug in and started thoroughly researching the concepts.  As with any great idea in history, there are many that try to tear it down – those who stand to lose to a superior idea that they read more

Why Isn’t Everyone Implementing Missed Fortune

I’ve worked in the mortgage industry as a loan officer since 1997 and have had a unique opportunity to see in vivid detail how my clients manage read more

Stock Market Volatility and Missed Fortune

Stock Market Volatility Likely to Continue

In my experience people make investment decisions based upon prevailing sentiments or the economy or the stock market at any given point. Unfortunately, this is what causes most people to make major mistakes. As a professional trader I observed daily people buying when stocks were at all-time highs. And everyone wanted to sell when read more