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The “Positive Future” for Us is Possible! – Review #116

“I would definitely recommend the Clarity Retreat to others. I was very unaware of the negative ramifications down the road we were currently on. The read more

This Seminar Saved My Retirement – Review #114

“This seminar may just have saved my retirement. We lost significantly in the real estate collapse, so the safety of this alternative is simply read more

How to Overcome Financial Barriers – Review # 113

“The presenter kept good contact with the audience. He was clear and appeared knowledgeable about the subject. The subject of the matter is very read more

Concepts of Money You Have Never Heard Of – Review # 107

“This seminar is a good overview of the concepts of money that you have never heard of. Anyone interested in improving their financial situation read more

It Makes Absolute Sense – Review # 106

“This event was completely eye opening! It was nonstop information that I wish everyone could hear. And the way Doug Andrew presents it makes read more

It is an Eye-Opener – Review #102

“We would recommend this seminar to others, it is an eye-opener. The information was good, presented in an orderly manner. The presenter was good read more

Unbelievable Presentation!!! – Review #100

“Unbelievable presentation!!! Info comes to you out of a fire hose, come prepared… They have material available, that lets you drink it in at a read more

This Presentation Is Truly an Eye Opening Experience – Review #94

“This presentation is truly an eye opening experience, which will expose the participant to material and thought processes previously unknown. This read more

I would Recommend Missed Fortune to Anyone That Is Concerned About Their Course of Action – Review # 88

“I would recommend Missed Fortune to anyone that is concerned about their course of action. So they can use Missed Fortune resources to greatly read more

Missed Fortune is for Everyone Seeking to Make a Fortune – Review # 86

“I highly recommend Missed Fortune to everyone seeking to make a fortune as they shall acquire the right financial stratagem to read more

Doug’s Presentation Was Exceptionally Comprehensive – Review # 85

“Doug’s presentation was exceptionally comprehensive with privileged and relevant information that even experts have a hard time to grasp. I’m read more

I Have Never Heard This Information Before! – Review # 83

“I was greatly surprised and very pleased by the content of the seminar. I have never heard of this information before! It really opened my eyes! read more

I have Been Searching for This Program for Over 50 Years – Review #80

“I have been searching for this program for over 50 years. After meeting with many financial planners, I feel I can now stop looking. I have read more

I Really Look Forward to a Bright Future – Review # 78

“I would recommend this event to anyone who wants to retire; whether you are near or far from it. I am 29 and I look forward to learning all I can read more

It Was a Very Low-Pressure Environment – Review # 77

“I wasn’t sure what to expect at the Missed Fortune seminar. I was pleased with the information that was given and the presenter, Doug Andrew, did a read more

Mr. Andrew Has Given Us Hope – Review # 71

“Mr. Andrew has given us hope to reach our goals for retirement. I still have worries, concerns and questions. Which is why I’m looking forward to read more

We Were Able To Borrow On That Policy – Review # 69

In 1963 we began an insurance with NYL. Ten years later we had a financial crunch and were able to borrow on that policy.

In the 80′s we sold our read more

I Wish I Had Heard It 20 Years Earlier – Review # 68

This seminar totally changed the way I think about finances and preparing for retirement. I only wish I’d heard it 20 years earlier.

Quality of read more

A Secure Plan – Review # 66

Never had anyone been able to put together in one presentation a program that will secure a plan to be able to have financial freedom for my/our read more

I Am Hopeful – Review # 63

“I drove a long distance to attend. I left feeling the sacrifice of my late evening and bedtime were very worthwhile. In the position of starting read more

Come Ready To Get Blown Away – Review # 62

“Come ready to get blown away by the mountain of information that may very well change your life.”

Quality of Presentation : 10
Information is read more

The Quality of the Event Was Excellent – Review # 61

“I have heard Mr. Andrew on the radio on several occasions but wondered if It would meet my needs at 75 yrs of age and with limited resources, but read more

It All Made Sense – Review # 58

“I would recommended this event to others especially my family. To my surprise I loved it more than I thought for a few reasons. 1) It was very well read more

This Is a Seminar You MUST ATTEND – Review # 56

“If you are concerned about what is currently happening with this economy and the state of your investments, this is a seminar you MUST ATTEND. Your read more

Five Star Presentation – Review # 54

“This was a four hour, five star presentation. The quality material was delivered non stop, with nary a break. The time flew by, holding my interest read more