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It opened my eyes – Review #123

It opened my eyes to things I would never have figured out on my own. It made me re-think how I relate to my family, friends, and co-workers. This read more

We left Excited and Ready to Learn More! – Review # 121

“We enjoyed the seminar, it was very informative. We left excited and ready to learn more!”

Quality of Presentation : 10
Information is Relevant read more

The “Positive Future” for Us is Possible! – Review #116

“I would definitely recommend the Clarity Retreat to others. I was very unaware of the negative ramifications down the road we were currently on. The read more

I Enjoyed the Direct Approach of Relevant Information – Review # 109

“I enjoyed the direct approach of delivering relevant information. I found the presentation interesting and something I look forward to learning read more

When I Feel I Can Trust Someone I am Able to Learn – Review # 108

“After reading many books for success and listening to a myriad of different financial advisors I have become frustrated because the things they read more

It Makes Absolute Sense – Review # 106

“This event was completely eye opening! It was nonstop information that I wish everyone could hear. And the way Doug Andrew presents it makes read more

He is a Master at Creating the Vision – Review # 105

“Doug presents the information in an informative and interesting why that keeps you focused and entertained. He is a master at creating the read more

We Whole-Heartedly Recommend Mr. Andrew to All Our Friends – Review # 104

“We were completely blown away by the concepts Doug shared. His presentation was professional and the financial principles shared were eye-opening read more

Mr. Andrew Gave Me the Information I Need to Help Me Decide What to do with My Assets – Review #103

“The introductory presentation was very well presented by Mr. Andrew and gave me the information I needed to help me decide what to do with my read more

I Thought Doug Was Good on the Radio, But He is Better in Person – Review #99

“I thought Doug Andrew was good on the radio but he is better in person. I especially appreciated how he covered non financial assets such as read more

I Enjoy Listening to Doug Andrew – Review # 90

“I enjoy listening to Doug Andrew, on the radio and at the seminar. He gives us hope in a troubling time and I want to share it with my family and read more

What Doug Said Is a Good Way to Look Forward – Review # 87

“In these volatile times we live in, the status quo doesn’t work any more when it comes to investing and wealth management. It seems there are lots read more

Doug’s Presentation Was Exceptionally Comprehensive – Review # 85

“Doug’s presentation was exceptionally comprehensive with privileged and relevant information that even experts have a hard time to grasp. I’m read more

Doug Shared Amazing Strategies With Heartfelt Conviction – Review # 84

“The seminar was informative and offered fantastic education on how to maximize our money. Doug shared amazing strategies with heartfelt conviction read more

Dont Short Change Yourself! – Review # 82

“This was one of the best four hours I have ever spent. Doug is a master presenter and the content is fantastic. Don’t short change yourself, read more

I Wish All My Children Could Attend These Events – Review #81

“I wish all my children could attend one of these events. I feel this information could help everyone plan a better future for themselves and their read more

It Was a Very Low-Pressure Environment – Review # 77

“I wasn’t sure what to expect at the Missed Fortune seminar. I was pleased with the information that was given and the presenter, Doug Andrew, did a read more

We’re Excited To Get Started – Review # 72

“I’m grateful my husband and I learned about these strategies as a young couple starting out in life. We’re excited to get started on these read more

Mr. Andrew Has Given Us Hope – Review # 71

“Mr. Andrew has given us hope to reach our goals for retirement. I still have worries, concerns and questions. Which is why I’m looking forward to read more

Doug Has Shown Me How – Review # 70

“One of my biggest concerns is making sure my children and wife are provided for after my death. Doug has shown me how to do that.”

Quality of read more

We Were Able To Borrow On That Policy – Review # 69

In 1963 we began an insurance with NYL. Ten years later we had a financial crunch and were able to borrow on that policy.

In the 80′s we sold our read more

An Incredible Amount of Experience – Review # 65

It seemed apparent in the presentation that Doug has an incredible amount of experience and is very passionate about helping other people improve read more

Come Ready To Get Blown Away – Review # 62

“Come ready to get blown away by the mountain of information that may very well change your life.”

Quality of Presentation : 10
Information is read more

Bring Your Family Closer Together – Review #60

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to take control of their money and best of all help bring your family closer together.. I would suggest read more

Hope In a Better Future – Review # 57

“I would and have already recommended this event to several others. Doug Andrew isn’t selling a product. He is selling you hope in a better future read more