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I am leaving with actual tools. I’m excited! – Review #125

My husband and I started a yearly family reunion 3 years ago with a desire to educate and share our knowledge and experiences with our children. This read more

I would Love my Family to Attend – Review # 120

“I would love my family to attend! A lot of valuable information was shared by a very competent and entertaining individual!”

Venna R.

Missed read more

A Comfortable Retirement – Review # 117

“I am looking forward to planning our retirement being very comfortable and secure in our older years. We also want our children to thrive read more

The “Positive Future” for Us is Possible! – Review #116

“I would definitely recommend the Clarity Retreat to others. I was very unaware of the negative ramifications down the road we were currently on. The read more

The Clarity Retreat Opened My Mind – Review # 115

“This Clarity Retreat opened my mind to new visions of the potential for greater opportunities.”

Roger R.

Missed Fortune Clarity Retreat read more

This Seminar Saved My Retirement – Review #114

“This seminar may just have saved my retirement. We lost significantly in the real estate collapse, so the safety of this alternative is simply read more

Doug’s Passion is Awe-Inspiring – Review # 75

“The presentation was amazing, Doug’s passion to help people affirm their future is awe-inspiring. I especially appreciate his ‘A+’ personality that read more

Now I have a Million Reasons Why I’m Glad We Came – Review # 74

“I could have thought of a million reasons why I didn’t have time for this retreat. Now I have a “million” reasons why I’m so glad we came. I feel read more

It is Encouraging To Know We Have Options – Review #73

“Truthfully, it is encouraging to know that we have options in this crazy market. I’m horrible with the numbers portion of the equation, and I know read more

We’re Excited To Get Started – Review # 72

“I’m grateful my husband and I learned about these strategies as a young couple starting out in life. We’re excited to get started on these read more

Mr. Andrew Has Given Us Hope – Review # 71

“Mr. Andrew has given us hope to reach our goals for retirement. I still have worries, concerns and questions. Which is why I’m looking forward to read more

Doug Has Shown Me How – Review # 70

“One of my biggest concerns is making sure my children and wife are provided for after my death. Doug has shown me how to do that.”

Quality of read more

Better Sense of Direction – Review #43

“I would definitely recommend the Clarity Retreat. We have come away with a better sense of direction than we have ever had before.”

Marilyn read more

My Family Funded Bank – Review #40

“My father is getting off his mission in six months. The first place he needs to come is to a Clarity Retreat. My family funded bank is getting read more

Excellent Event – Review #39

“I’m bringing my sibling and family to participate. Excellent event- well worth my time. Doug is the most amazing and prepared leader I have ever read more

This Seminar Will Be The Most Useful – Review #38

“I would recommend this to anyone who has a desire to enhance their physical, spiritual, or financial health. It dispelled many popular myths about read more

“I Am So Grateful” – Review #23

“The Total Wealth Transformation Clarity Retreat clarified every aspect of my life including emotional, physical, financial and spiritual.  In 3 read more

“I would recommend the Missed Fortune Clarity Retreat” – Review #22

“Yes, I would recommend the Missed Fortune Clarity Retreat to everyone to prevent too much money going back to the government.  We are all over-taxed and read more

My Time is Very Valuable – Review #21

“I own several businesses and my time is very valuable.  I convinced my wife to attend and it gave us an opportunity to sharpen our emotional, read more

“I Would Like Everyone To Know About This” – Review #20

“Where was I 20 or 30 years ago?  I would like everyone to know about this.  It was excellent!  Doug (Douglas Andrew) is a great man for being read more

Becoming Wealthy – Review #19

“This experience has been like none other I have ever had.  I have listened to many explanations about becoming wealthy before and I never learned as read more

“This Information Is Priceless” – Review #18

“This information is priceless.  Why is it not taught in every school in America?  I will recommend this retreat to family members.  The quality read more

From Financial Slavery to Freedom – Review #17

“I want my family to all be a part of this.  I can see a way out of financial slavery to freedom.  Thanks!”

Clarity Retreat Rating – 8 of read more

“I Drove Hundreds of Miles” – Review #15

“I took the very first paid days off from my job, skipped a reunion, and drove hundreds of miles to experience what I instinctively knew would be read more

“I Would Definitely Recommend This” – Review #14

“I would definitely recommend this to any and all.  I am going to get my kids and friends to attend one of these as soon as possible.  I want to read more