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About Us

Paramount Financial Services has earned an A+ Missed Fortune Officerating with the Better Business Bureau and specializes in architecting wealth for people just like you all around the country through live seminars, webinars (internet events), and education materials such as our Secrets to a Tax-Free Retirement Kit.  You can get this $97 kit free for a limited time.  Just Click Here and enter your address in and we’ll ship it out immeditately.

Missed Fortune Office

We’re thrilled that you are checking us out and doing your due diligence.  You’ll find that we are passionate that you make the best financial decisions possible for you.  As you dig in and learn we’re positive you’ll come to understand that with our assistance you can protect yourself from the dangers of increasing taxes and market volatility.

We have clients in 47 of 50 states and our brick and mortar office is nestled up against the mountains in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah.