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Recent Reviews

We have already been recommending this seminar to friends – Review #134

We have already been recommending this seminar to friends. It surpassed our expectations, and we only wish that we would have had this information read more

I’m excited at the prospects that lie ahead and look forward to learning more about Doug’s abundant living approach to retirement – Review #133

Prior to this event my wife and I were very close to purchasing a deferred income annuity. I’m glad that we waited as Doug has opened up a whole new read more

I was amazed how Doug Andrew could impart so much information – Review #132

I was amazed how Doug Andrew could impart so much information in a four-hour presentation without any loss of his audience due to boredom.

- read more

I look forward to attending the next series – Review #131

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I decided to participate. I was blown away with the excellent, thoughtful and inspirational material that was read more

I would definitely recommend this presentation to others! – Review #130

I would definitely recommend this presentation to others! To keep more of your hard-earned money in your own pocket, better and different solutions read more

The Live Abundant seminar was extremely relevant- Review #129

In a time of rampant government spending and increasing inflation, the Live Abundant seminar was extremely relevant.

- Larry O. read more

Doug Andrew presents the information in a clear and easy to understand format – Review #128

Doug Andrew presents the information in a clear and easy to understand format. He is personable and well rounded in his approach to finances and his read more

A life changing experience if you’re up for the ride – Review #127

All I can say is “hold onto your seat” because it’s a wild ride from the moment you walk in till the last ten seconds of the seminar. It will turn read more

The abundance mentality will benefit me, my family, and all people – Review #126

My family is my most important asset. I see challenges in the lives of my children and grandchildren that can be overcome with abundance. The read more

I am leaving with actual tools. I’m excited! – Review #125

My husband and I started a yearly family reunion 3 years ago with a desire to educate and share our knowledge and experiences with our children. This read more

Every high school should be teaching this – Review # 124

This is something that every high school should be teaching as a requirement to graduate.

-Mark W. read more

It opened my eyes – Review #123

It opened my eyes to things I would never have figured out on my own. It made me re-think how I relate to my family, friends, and co-workers. This read more

I left with “mind blowing knowledge” – Review #122

I came to the retreat with outdated ideas about retirement plans. I left the retreat with “mind blowing knowledge” that will aid me in making read more

We left Excited and Ready to Learn More! – Review # 121

“We enjoyed the seminar, it was very informative. We left excited and ready to learn more!”

Quality of Presentation : 10
Information is Relevant read more

I would Love my Family to Attend – Review # 120

“I would love my family to attend! A lot of valuable information was shared by a very competent and entertaining individual!”

Venna R.

Missed read more

The Seminar Opened Our Eyes to New Opportunity – Review # 119

“The seminar opened our eyes to new opportunities and techniques for preparing for the future. We also liked that it was about more than just read more

I Now Have a Starting Point – Review # 118

“I have always believed and tried to start saving money. I knew there were ways to get money to work for me, but I couldn’t really figure out how. read more

A Comfortable Retirement – Review # 117

“I am looking forward to planning our retirement being very comfortable and secure in our older years. We also want our children to thrive read more

The “Positive Future” for Us is Possible! – Review #116

“I would definitely recommend the Clarity Retreat to others. I was very unaware of the negative ramifications down the road we were currently on. The read more

The Clarity Retreat Opened My Mind – Review # 115

“This Clarity Retreat opened my mind to new visions of the potential for greater opportunities.”

Roger R.

Missed Fortune Clarity Retreat read more

This Seminar Saved My Retirement – Review #114

“This seminar may just have saved my retirement. We lost significantly in the real estate collapse, so the safety of this alternative is simply read more

How to Overcome Financial Barriers – Review # 113

“The presenter kept good contact with the audience. He was clear and appeared knowledgeable about the subject. The subject of the matter is very read more

Develop a Wholesome Value System – Review # 112

“Doug passes on his knowledge and wisdom without looking like a rock star. He doesn’t want to be a rock star. He is a humble person who wants to read more

I Highly Recommend This Seminar – Review # 111

“The information presented in the seminar was eye opening material that I had not previously heard. It gave me hope that my retirement could be read more

The Event, by Leaps and Bounds, Exceeded My Expectations – Review # 110

“The event, by leaps and bounds, exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly greeted by the staff and by Mr. Andrew as well. The presentation was read more